How is Tech Mall an evolution in the real estate market?

Tech Mall

Pakistan is home to different real estate properties that range from commercial to residential through which you would be looking for easy profits. If you have just entered the real estate market then you should know that investing in conceptual projects is something that you should be focusing on.

Built on concepts, location-focused and state-of-art architecture-driven California Real Estate and Builders is providing you with an investment opportunity like no other in Bahria Town Karachi in one of their most conceptual projects known as Tech Mall.

Why was there a need for Tech Mall?

Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi

Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi is a mall that is located in front of Malik Square on Liberty Commercial plots no:- 194, 195, 196, and 197, and one plot measures 272 square yards which give you a clear idea regarding how big this tech hub is going to be.

Compared to the past we have noticed in the current journey how important modern technology is to assist people in making their daily lifestyle easier and better. To provide a hub for all these items to be located at a centralized location in a well-maintained society is the concept Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi offers.

What does Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi have to offer?

The technology market includes a variety of topics which range from the latest technology that can be used to upgrade the items that you were already using such as laptops and mobile phones, and the list could go on. In such a situation here are some of the many businesses that can grow their business in the Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi: –

Tech Mall Latest Technology

Mobile Businesses: –

If you are already in the mobile market then you would know how most of the markets in Karachi like Saddar are home to tons of mobile shops and with the congested space to walk through and parking issues, this market always causes problems for the shop owners and their potential clients. Therefore, relocating or growing your business in a society like Bahria Town Karachi where you can get Tech Mall Shops is certainly what you should opt for.

Laptop or Computer Business: –

Due to the pandemic, we have noticed a rapid growth in the number of people that are opting to get a laptop or a PC so they could start working from their homes. In such a situation there was a big jump in their prices.

If you are running such sort of a business then you would need to have a shop in the real estate center where you can run your laptop business under 24/7 security ensuring that your inventory is kept safely. Tech mall Shops can provide you with a significant amount of space to continue your laptop or computer business.

Electronic accessories: –

Electronic accessories are capturing the interest of most youngsters as they are interested in the innovative Bluetooth earbuds and items that can keep your laptop away from heating up and ensure that your normal apartment can be converted into a smart apartment there are smart appliances that are assisting their users in making their daily life work easier.

Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi shops are here to provide you with a sustainable way to grow your technology-associated business.

Are their offices in Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi?

Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi Shops

Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi is not only providing people with shops to grow your technology-associated business, but you can also own offices in the futuristic project and some of them come with terraces providing you with the scenic beauty of Bahria Town Karachi.

These offices with modern architecture and spacious lobbies with swift lifts provide you with an office like no other to start your business or relocate your office in a modern community such as Bahria Town Karachi.

Food court in Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi?

There is time to work and then there comes time to satisfy your food craving, keeping all hygiene intact Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi provides a food court on the 6th floor where you can easily take your clients or colleagues for lunch, breakfast or dinner. Because as we all know without some necessary craving satisfaction you will always face distraction.

When will Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi be delivered?

Tech Mall Is Project Based in Bahria Town Karachi

The delivery of a project is what matters for investors or people that are planning to get their shops or offices in the conceptual project of California Real Estate & Builders, this project is due to be delivered by the end of 2023 or by the start of 2024. With limited slots available Tech Mall Bahria Town Karachi can still be the new home for your technology-associated business or offices.

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