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Clients Commonly Asked Questions

We want to let you California Real Estate & Builders is known for sponsoring different events that bring the real estate community together to have a healthy environment in the market. This makes our company stand out and assures that constant cooperation among realtors. California Terms And Conditions

We want to inform you that our company makes sure that every process from buying to selling a property is done with transparency which will make sure that the stress of losing your money is eradicated from the client’s mind. With a constant work routine, our team of experienced individuals makes sure to share honest opinions with their clients to make sure that your queries are taken care of.

California Real Estate & Builders ensures that all their projects have something unique in them and you could check our portfolio which will give you a clear idea about the difference in every project and how do these projects provide a much more modern lifestyle compared to others.

California Real Estate & Builders is the only Builders that have delivered the first privately constructed residential project in Bahria Town Karachi, we are a name of trust in the market which is why several marketing teams are working on our projects. With several projects under development, our team assures the clients that what we are marketing would be the same thing that will be delivered at the time of possession.

We want to let you know that Bahria Town Karachi is known for the fruitful profits that it could provide to the investors but in this journey, you must make sure of certain things like entrusting your investment with the right company and once you and the company are one the same page then there is a good amount of potential for you to earn healthy profit in this journey.

We recommend going for projects that are unique and have a state-of-the-art infrastructure in them as this will assure you that the prices of those projects will increase in the future, in addition, if you are planning to live in that apartment you would be living in a much more modern lifestyle than you were previously living in.

Question about renting

In such a situation we want to inform you that certain policies of Bahria Town Karachi will be mentioned in the rental contract once you have passed through those questions your request will be evaluated to get that rental apartment as soon as possible. This process is done to make sure that the families that are moving in are aware of the rules and regulations that a person must follow to keep the environment healthy.

If you are planning to shift on a rental basis in this modern lifestyle project then we want to inform you that you would get one of the best environments compared to the rest of the projects that are located in main Karachi city and we also want to assure you that the environment makes you feel closer to nature because of the greenery and open-air ventilation that will give you a fresh breeze during your stay.

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