Can Dress Mall become your dream investment opportunity?

Dress Mall

Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi located near precinct 19 on DanZoo Commercial spreading at 2200 square yards is one of the many conceptual projects of California Real Estate & Builders.

Real estate investment plans in Pakistan are hard to decide because of a lack of knowledge regarding the right projects to keep your investment locked onto. In such a situation taking the right steps and ensuring your real estate investment safety must be your priority.

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Before investing in any real estate project, you should have information regarding the builder that has launched it.

Who are the builders behind Dress Mall?

builders behind Dress Mall

Dress Mall is a project of California Real Estate & Builders, when it comes to the background of these builders then you should know that they are the first private builders to deliver a residential project before time.

In such a situation when there are builders that have just done booking of the project without properly getting it constructed California Real Estate & Builders do the development work on their project during the booking process which instates that the builders are trustworthy.

What is the concept behind Dress Mall?

concept behind Dress Mall

When it comes to concepts then California Real Estate & Builders never disappoints but before that you should learn about the common fashion industry locations in Karachi such as Saddar.

Problems people encounter in Saddar Karachi.

Saddar market is home to different markets which range from mobile stores to fashion industries which provide people with several options from branded to local items.

The Saddar Market has visitors from all sorts of people but due to the constant traffics jams and growing problems related to parking this area often becomes a havoc that must be avoided. This is where the concept of Dress Mall comes into play.

What do Saddar Cloth market and Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi have in common?

Saddar Cloth market and Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi

The Saddar Cloth market provides a range of clothing varieties for every category which makes it easier to make your next fashion outfit choice and that is what Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi is offering.

The outlets that will be available in Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi will provide Fashion related items which range from jewelry to clothing of every kind.

How will there be such outlets available in Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi?

Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi

The prices of Saddar Market shops are rising day by day which makes it hard for any newcomer in the market to open a shop over there.

Not many people in this industry have enough backup money to withstand the heavy prices of the shops available there is where Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi is offering shops at a Net Size which means that you will only be paying for the price of the shop that you are getting excluding the lobby and the lift space.

Getting shops in Saddar Karachi in installments is nearly impossible but when it comes to Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi then you can easily book your shop in easy installments.

Why is the location of Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi promising?

Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi

Dress Mall Bahria Town Karachi as mentioned earlier is located at Plot number 20 on DanZoo Commercial and this mall will be facing Bahria Towers located in Precinct 19.

With the mall facing Bahria Towers, it is a fact that this Mall would be the center of traffic due to having space for more than 50 shops ranging from local shops to branded shops with a food court that satisfies your midway hunger craving during your shopping spree.

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