Real Estate Market in Pakistan

Why in 2024 you must focus on the Growth of the Real Estate Market in Pakistan

The real estate market is a market that has given the potential of aiming several benefits for its investors as you would find several ways in which you could invest your money in this market. Investment in Pakistan is something that is considered a risky way to earn more as people know about the several scams that they might have to encounter when they do not come across experienced people in this sort...

Cricket League BTK

How does a Cricket League bring together a community of like-minded individuals?

We all know that sports are one of the most important things for your physical health and in this type of situation DSL cricket league came up with the best solution by bringing together the real estate community in organizing an outclass cricket event that contained different teams from all over Karachi. The environment on the ground was amazing to enjoy with your friend and family members and such...

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