Buying House in Karachi an asset or a liability?

Buying House in Karachi

Buying House in Karachi is an asset which is what most people think because their property’s value keeps multiplying which is certainly something that keeps them going but we would like to add over here that there is also another side of the story that you should know about which is where buying House in Karachi can become a liability for you. There is a constant balance in this journey and you must choose the path that you want to follow which is something that you should be focusing on.

Buying House in Karachi a profitable asset?

Interior Sindh is not as well developed as it must be which is why we want to let you know about the top 10 areas in Karachi that have captured the most interest of the locals in Karachi and overseas Pakistanis.

DHA (Defense Housing Authority)


The Defense Housing Authority also known as DHA is considered a society that is well-developed and where an elite class of Karachi people is living which is why the value of the area is beyond the reach of the middle-class people that are living in Karachi. Nevertheless, because elite people are living in this society that does not mean that this society is not worth buying house in Karachi.

DHA Phase 8 once used to be a scary area to live in because of the lack of homes and development but as time went on development took place in that area which made it easier for people to relocate to Phase 8 DHA making buying a house in Karachi easier. If you compare the prices of DHA Phase 8 from 2 years before and now you would face a great number of issues.

Gulistan E Jauhar

Gulistan E Jauhar Karachi

Gulistan E Jauhar is connected with University Road Karachi and attracts a great amount of traffic because the commercial sites on both sides are certainly something that you should know about. When you are going for buying House in Karachi then you should know about an area that is family-friendly and satisfies your daily needs.

Gulistan E Jauhar brings you closer to continental and desi restaurants, groceries to get your daily home necessities, schools, colleges, and much more that make it perfect to get a home in this area. If you are investing in Guilatn E Jauhar you would just suffer from underdeveloped roads and constant electricity shutdowns other than that the area is one of the most prestigious areas for buying house in Karachi with ease.

Malir Cantt

Malir Cantt Karachi

When you hear about Malir Cantt you think about a restricted area for civilians and only a person that has an army background can connect in this journey which is certainly one of the things that are a misconception that people have made up in their minds. Making things easier for yourself is the first step that you should take and we want to let you know buying house in Karachi can become easier and more secure for you when you are in touch with the perfect real estate agent in Malir Cantt Karachi.

Malir Cantt Karachi is a well-organized gated community where people are living under the security of the Pakistan Army with proper maintenance and facilities within your reach. Even though the budget that you would have to invest in this journey is heavy but with legal documentation and more than perfect security measures this gated community is perfect for buying house in Karachi.

Naya Nazimabad

New Nazimabad is a planned area with a futuristic approach with all your local necessities within your reach making sure that every category can easily afford the new projects that are planning to get built over there.

Naya Nazimabad Pakistan

With plots and residential apartment projects that are being launched in North Nazimabad, you must know that facilities such as sports grounds, lavish roads, and greenery in this area become more eye-capturing for investors that are planning to go for buying House in Karachi.

Gulshan E Iqbal

Gulshan E Iqbal is an area that connects with University Roads and is also considered one of the prime locations of Karachi. If you are buying house in Karachi then you should know that people that are living in Gulshan E Iqbal are close to the necessities of life that include groceries, pharmacies, clinics, schools, offices, universities and the list could go on.

Due to the constant traffic in this area, you would probably find it hard to live in this area which is certainly something that might change your mind. With the constant growth in projects in this area, we have noticed that people are facing issues in this area because of having little or no parking space in addition to that there are certain security issues that people face which are certainly something that you must avoid.

Investing in Gulshan E Iqbal would certainly mean that the profits in this journey would increase if you choose a villa rather than going for an apartment that normally suffers from maintenance issues which would ruin the value of your property.

Malir Link To Superhighway

Malir Link To Superhighway is a road that connects Malir Cantt to Super Highway and on this road, you would learn that on both sides of the roads there are residential and commercial properties.

These residential properties have grown in value over the years because of how lavish the roads are and how they can facilitate the locals that want to live away from all the traffic havoc and security issues. With continental and desi food restaurants that have started to grow over here, it becomes important to invest in residential properties over here.

Gulshan E Myanmar

Gulshan E Myanmar Karachi

One of the areas in Karachi is located close to the Super Highways with the value of plots and residential apartments that are increasing day by day. The roads in Myanmar are lavish without any type of hazards for towers.

The apartments that are being built by Saima (one of the known builders in Karachi) are one of the things that facilitate you with tons of returns and because they have already delivered several residential projects clients easily trust them and the return on investment is something that benefits them.

Gadap Town

Gadap Town Karachi

Gadap Town another area of Karachi located near the northwestern skirts is home to several middle-class families because of how property is available on easy installments which is certainly something that can assist you in promoting your business and could be a boost to your investment only if you plan your real estate business plan properly.

Gadap Town is home to different schools, colleges, food eateries, and grocery stores. Even though the living standards and security status is not as good but investing in the plots in this area would provide you with a good return after 4 to 5 years depending on the type of plot or residential apartment that you are investing in.

Shahra E Faisal

One of the renowned areas of Karachi Shahra e Faisal is known for its traffic because of how it connects to every part of Karachi. This road has a significant amount of importance to the work routine of the local people of Karachi which is why knowing about the commercial properties in this area and investing in them is necessary

Shahra E Faisal Karachi

Shahra E Faisal has the great potential to provide you with a good return on your investment and in addition to that, you would be able to generate a healthy rental income because of all the branded stores that are nearby.

Bahria Town Karachi

Gadap Town Karachi
Bahria Town Karachi is a state-of-the-art project that is under development and is home to thousands of people. Bahria Town Karachi has a different private project within its boundaries that would provide you with great rental income, security, a perfect living lifestyle, and much more.

With the range of options that you have for buying house in Karachi, you must know that Bahria Town Karachi already carries investments from all over Pakistan and overseas clients because of the conceptual projects that are being built within the vicinity of this luxurious project.

California Real Estate & Builders is a well-known real estate company that is working since the development of Bahria Town Karachi and they have been known as the first real estate company to deliver a residential project in Bahria Town Karachi. You can learn more about the different projects California Real Estate & Builders has to offer for buying house in Karachi.

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