Why Bahria Town Peshawar is a trailblazer for Peshawar’s real estate market?

Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar as announced by Mr. Malik Riaz, Mr. Ali Riaz, and Mr. Shahid Mehmood Qureshi is a project that is going to change the atmosphere of the real estate market in this city. This is where you would want to know what you must expect from this new era of real estate in Peshawar.

What can you expect from Bahria Town Peshawar?

Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town has always ensured that whichever city they enter they set new heights for the real estate market in that city. We have often noticed that this journey of Bahria Town has already become a success in whichever city they enter. Bahria Town Karachi is a prime example of how Bahria Town made a city within a city and ensured that this journey is perfect for investors within and outside Pakistan.

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The first thing that you would notice on the top of your mind is that no community in Peshawar is well developed and that is where we want to let you know that the glimpses that we have already seen in the other cities of Bahria Town have entered in such as Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Nawabshah and Karachi (The City Of Lights) is just an example of how Peshawar will be a part of their plan to develop the best of the best community in Pakistan that can be compared to the communities that you witness in countries across the world.

Do you know that Peshawar is the sixth largest city in Pakistan with a population of over 2.3 million people? This city is filled with exciting natural expectations but the problem that this city witnesses a lot is that most of the projects in this city are not kept maintained. Bahria Town which is a well-known name in the real estate market has already proven how to keep its project maintained with the strict policies that are in its community. This is why we want to ensure that how you can get in touch with the best real estate in Bahria Town Karachi that can ensure a good return on your investment.

Why would investors consider investing in Bahria Town Peshawar?

investing in Bahria Town Peshawar

Real estate is one of the top industries that is growing in Pakistan, this industry has also assisted in growing other industries in Pakistan which is good for the country’s GDP. With the rich history that Peshawar has and is one of the biggest cities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the state’s interest has their eyes set on this city to make it grow and prosper like all the other major cities in every state of Pakistan.

Bahria Town Peshawar has already many communities constructed in it but they are made on a much smaller scale because of how hard it can be to maintain them. When Bahria Town Peshawar was announced the trend automatically changed in the real estate market in Pakistan and all eyes were on Peshawar.

Wherever there is a rise in the real estate market the surrounding areas automatically rise in price and the same thing happened when Bahria Town Karachi was launched. The surrounding area of Bahria Town Karachi such as Usmani and the Kathor region experienced a rapid rise in prices and these were also the areas where many investors started to open their commercial construction shops so that they could easily supply the construction material contractors in Bahria Town Karachi.

How will China Pakistan Economic Corridor be a boost for Peshawar Real Estate?

Peshawar Real Estate

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is the perfect trading route for Pakistan & China and this route allows all the areas in the surrounding grow especially the real estate market. The highway coming from Peshawar connects directly to the route of CPEC ensuring a good amount of footfall in the city.

Do you want to stay updated regarding Bahria Town Peshawar?

updated Bahria Town Peshawar

Bahria Town Peshawar as stated by Country Head Bahria Town Mr. Shahid Mehmood Qureshi will be following a different trend that is going to provide a boost to the real estate market like no other. In this journey, we want to let you know that staying connected with the best real estate in Bahria Town Peshawar and the best real estate in Bahria Town Karachi is important.

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One of the other things that come into your mind is how you would need to know why would you trust the best real estate in Bahria Town Karachi for the developments taking place in Bahria Town Peshawar. The reason behind this is the experience of working with Bahria Town. With Bahria Town Karachi being one of

the top-grossing real estate markets in Pakistan you would need to know about a real estate that is providing their honest services in the city of Karachi.

The best real estate in Bahria Town Karachi will provide you with the perfect input that you would need to know, this will allow you to have authenticity in the investment opportunity that you are looking for in Bahria Town Peshawar. From the latest update to the ideal investment opportunities, you will be able to have access to everything.

What is the latest development of Bahria Town Peshawar?

latest development of Bahria Town Peshawar

The latest update of Bahria Town Peshawar is that there has been a certain amount of rise in the dealer quota as many real estates have started to get their companies registered with Bahria Town because of the announcement of different dealer categories that was made by the country head Mr. Shahid Mehmood Qureshi. With the largest meetings held around Pakistan, the briefing sessions were attended by investors and dealers from around Pakistan. Within a day all the dealer’s quota was full as announced by the Country Head of Bahria Town Mr. Shahid Mehmood Qureshi, you must also know that another point was made that after 10 Muharram a major announcement will be made regarding the dealers that have registered in the Bahria Town Peshawar Dealers Quota.

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